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London Eye - 2013
« on: September 03, 2013, 11:14:00 PM »
Hi All

If you dont know me.. im an old user of the stilts and now perform on them full time around the world.. As some of you might know though, myself and a fellow performer by the name of 'Bruce' have Recently been working for the London Eye down on the Southbank (Central London, UK) and also in association with Pro-Jump in continuing to promote the sport we all have come to Love through the medium of professional shows and Entertainment.

So now I Thought I would take this opportunity to share some images that have come of our work there so far.

We work as a team and create and sell shows now all over the world... If you want to get involved feel free to contact me for advice.

Keep Bocking! :PJ1:

Simeon Kiola

New Vids;
The London Eye - By SimeonKiola
First Class - Car Flip Show 2013
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